I am passionate about capturing  extraordinary keepsakes in the most fun & beautiful way.

When I'm not behind the camera or the computer, I'm playing outside with my children, off to our farm CSA, on a nature ramble, or perfecting my latest homemade recipe. I'm an avid organic foodie, local shopper, and Swedish design lover. Northfield, Minnesota has been my home for over 13 years!

I absolutely love celebrating marriages, families, business owners & seniors!

Hey hey! I'm Jennifer.

hi! i'm jennifer!

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Mama to four little ones


Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet, and I am a published poet myself! I find poetry and poetic prosody to be one of the most clear ways I can communicate.

poetry is grounding


A major part of my childhood included my visits to Sweden to visit my Dad's family. From speaking Swedish to our kids at home to my deep love of Swedish design, this value runs deep. 

sweden is my happy place


When we meet, you will quickly 
find that I am overjoyed to be a wife & a mother! Growing as a wife has been the most difficult pursuit of my life – and the most rewarding! This photo was taken around our 8th anniversary!

marriage is awesome


So much of the goodness of life is nurtured at the table, with food, stories, and laughter. I never underestimate the power of a well-set table.



I will never stop trying to elevate wedding details! The many choices you make for your wedding day become art in themselves.

Styling flatlays & details


Can't you just feel the joy in this image? My kiddos are chanting "yay, baby!" because I photographed them to announce our baby due this fall!

motherhood is glorious


Gifts & Words of Affirmation

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Realistic dog bark

Secret talent




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Strawberry Kombucha

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Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.



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Staying in love is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. That first explosion ignited a course for fidelity. Fight for it. 


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Walking through meadows, reading good poetry, and laughter are a good medicine.


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Healthy marriages and families are a glorious reality to behold.


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Every person was designed to be seen, known, and loved deeply.


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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud, it is not rude. Love suffers long.

a few things I believe:

Everytime I photograph my own children, I am reminded of the precious gift I give to my clients. I always come away from my time feeling so thankful as I look through a gallery of these precious ones.

Sometimes, I admit: I'm not feeling it and would rather push the photos off to another time. But I've never regretted the times I knuckled down, got the outfits together, hair brushed, shoes selected, and really set my face to capture the season. Life is a vapor, and I've never met anyone who feels that time goes by slowly!


the sanders 

I'm so satisfied in the life of mothering! The reason I became a photographer was so that I could be fully present to my family as a wife and mother – and homeschool!

The Importance of Presence

My children teach me

These dirt-digging, bike trail blazers hunt for grasshoppers daily and even catch bees! They love painting, nature rambles, and observing butterflies.

Levi & Enoch

My sweet boys

Her name rhymes with Jenna! We mostly call her Rae :) Her gentle and sweet nature bless us so much. Her name is derived from the Swedish word for fox (räven), so she is our little red cutie fox!


My little lady


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OUR sweet little ones!


Born in the beautiful fall, our youngest son is such a joy bringer in our household! His older siblings show him so much love attending to his needs and laughing at his newest feats!


Our littlest man

The most common comment I hear from inquiring clients is a worry they will not look good on camera! Let me just say: most of my couples & families feel this way! (Yes, including most of the ones whose photos you're looking at on my website!)
You are not alone!

The thing is, I never worry about this aspect of your photos. Why? Because I have a clear and directive method of posing. I coach you every step of the way – no awkward moments where you don't know what to do with your hands, or you feel like you have to put on a model show. Nope.

This means you have one simple job at a session or on a wedding day. To have fun! This is how I give everyday people just like you access to stunning, artistic photography. I absolutely love posing!


Let me share my superpower


Follow my work as it unfolds


"Beauty – be not caused – It is.
Chase it, and it ceases –
Chase it not, and it abides"

emily dickinson