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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Lakeville Engagement with Morkie Puppy!

Jul 5, 2020

Morkie Puppy


Engagement sessions are such a wonderful icebreaker for photographers–and what easier way than with a sweet puppy! Angy & Mario’s engagement photos reflect the one topic I love to educate my clients about: stepping into confidence that yes, you can look good on camera. The number one concern for these two was not that their wedding day would take place during a pandemic. (These two are laid back!) It was the fact that they “never take pictures” – of themselves! (Puppy Ricky just started his own hashtag on insta! #rickythemorkie) Couples who tell me this in my free consultation always end up being my favorite to work with. So you bet I was excited for the session!

My Favorite Clients

Why do I enjoy working with couples that feel so concerned about not looking good in their photos? Because if you feel that way, you are being totally courageous to go on a photo session with a photographer! This means that even though you have doubts, you are extending your trust towards me even before shooting, and you’re giving yourself a chance to reconsider your position that you “don’t look good in photos” or “don’t like yourself in photos.” Now, I’m not saying every single photograph will be your favorite (we are all our worst critics!), but there is an amazing shift that happens once you take the risk and actually start a session. You’re stepping towards a new possibility. What if the photographs actually look awesome? What if you look awesome?

Trust Like A Puppy

I think most of us agree that dogs can be the most trusting animal around. Give them a good chunk of nurture, even if imperfect, and they treat you like the absolute best thing that ever happened in the world. I am like the puppy. I’ll take every bit of courage that comes my way, and in exchange I give out encouragement! Enthusiasm is truly a part of my everyday life– not just photo sessions! Mario, I so enjoyed photographing you. You may laugh, but I think your expressions between shots were absolutely priceless. I see in you such deep devotion to Angy, and such a steadiness. You would clearly do anything for your family, and you effortlessly brought forth the laughter and the fun.

Even in disgustingly hot weather, Angy & Mario got the best of the golden light on Lakeville’s hills! Even Ricky smiled and yawned at all the right times looking dapper with his sweet red bow– and drank a lot of water afterwards!

Angy & Mario,

I am SO GLAD to meet you and your sweet morkie! Mario, I know you had your doubts, but you made your woman so happy! I’m so proud of you two, and I’m so glad I only have to wait 28 days for your wedding! I’m so glad that you’re taking your wedding with a laid back pace. It obviously worked well for your engagement photos!



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