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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Nerstrand Waterfall Engagement

Jun 28, 2018


Jonathan and Aleisha said yes. They stripped off their shoes and got ankle deep in water. Mist from the Nerstrand waterfall spattered their faces as they held each other steady as their feet sunk a little into the sand. With the comfort of each other’s smile, they turned their faces towards me to hear a prompting. A smirk came over Jonathan’s face as he followed my direction – literally. Placing his palm directly over Aleisha’s nose, he flattened his lips into a goofy frown. I could not contain my laughter, nor the hilarity of how deep our conversation had just been as we ambled the path down to the waterfall. I could tell that Aleisha was in store for devoted love, sincerity, and joy with this man I had just met.

Since Jonathan and I were new and fast friends, I began to expect the spontaneous moments when he would make Aleisha laugh. I began trusting his knack and called upon him to “make her smile!”  I could not remember the last time I’d seen two people simultaneously express such love and trust while bantering. This felt truly refreshing! No sarcastic put-downs intended to be made lighthearted – just good clean fun. Aleisha had chosen this spot and the way the waterfall drew out their playfulness was precious to watch.

But don’t think that these two lost sight of the rest of the world while they enjoy their romance. No, indeed. As we had descended towards the waterfall down the wooden steps, another couple had come with their dog to get a better view of the fall. Jonathan chatted with them as if they were his friends from High School, and that after having to change outfits for these shots! Genuine questions and simple care was given to acknowledge the stranger’s presence. I remembered how I had felt during my conversations with Jonathan and Aleisha – as if indeed, they were steering the conversation and trying intentionally to get to know me better. I felt as if I had been treated to a friendship outing instead of a client session.

My favorite moments in our session were the times that Jonathan showed how much he enjoyed being with Aleisha. Just the experience of wandering the woods and being together at the falls seemed enough for him. The wet-booted photographer nearby did not seem to phase or even dampen the usual way between these two.

Aleisha & Jonathan,

Your hearts for living lives of service to each other and to others is so evident. From the first moments I spent with you two, I could tell that your solid faiths would combine to form a beautiful new household– a day I am looking forward to! I cannot wait to capture your June wedding at the Outpost Center.



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