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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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The Outpost Center June Wedding

Jun 18, 2019


There is a gazebo at the Outpost Center– a delicate cage of ivy perfect for a first look in the heat of a summer day. The bride neared with delight in her eyes for her father’s first glance on her wedding day. As her father turned to greet her, joy splashed over both their faces. Somehow it was the expression on her father’s face that said more than his words: how deeply proud, how deeply moved he was to see his daughter cleaving to a new family. But one more first look waited to unfold. Aleisha exited the copse so that her groom, Jonathan, could take his place– the same place her father once held as authority, protector, and keeper of her heart.

This time, Aleisha carried a hand-written note and came back to back with her groom. Jonathan received her words with laughter and smiles – but I cannot relate the power of the tears. In this moment, these two–aware of the enemy’s schemes, aware of their own failings–captured the glory of the Gospel: God’s delight in the other and excitement for all the growth to come. A longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

I share this moment above all else from the wedding day because it demonstrates the genuine hope Aleisha & Jonathan share in the glory of obeying Christ. His renewing of our hearts fills us with joy in pursing His Goodness.

Aleisha & Jonathan,

I cannot overstate what a privilege it was to witness your love and commitment to each other, to the Lord, and to see the great cloud of witnesses partnering with you to walk out your marriage. You are hilarious, thoughtful, and have friends who can dance full blast longer than I believed possible.

In His Joy,




Venue: The Outpost Center

Catering: Velvet Touch Catering

Decor: Ulrika Peterson

Wedding Coordinator: Tanya Mollenhauer

Florals: Bridal Party

Photography: Jennifer Sanders Photography

Hair Artist: Blissful Beauty

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