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I'm a poetic soul and solopreneur who loves telling your story! Grab your favorite bubbly drink (kombucha for me!) and chill.

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Best of 2019

Jan 22, 2020

The photograph above is basically how my happy dance looks! As a solo-prenuer (aka the only one behind the face of Jennifer Sanders Photography), I am so often smiling behind my desktop screen as I edit images for my clients. Being a wedding and family photographer in Northfield, Minnesota is so such rewarding work. I light up as I see the memory capsules of photographs get into your hands, and then again when I hear from clients about their amazing experience! I get to meet new couples and families and capture memories that last much longer than the time it takes to make them! (And then I often get to see them at the library, or on the street of our adorable downtown!)

Two thousand and nineteen is no more. I for one find it oddly strange to be writing “20” on the ends of the date. (Kind of sci-fi… aren’t we supposed to be driving in hover cars by now?) Seems like humanity has a bit of technological hubris…in any case, I’m always thankful for Sony’s camera technology!

This year I served many couples and families that made my business grow FOUR FOLD! (*cue the hallelujah chorus!*) This means so much to me and my family! Now that it’s almost the end of January I wanted to reflect on the journey of my photography business through 2019 with some favorites from the year. Enjoy!


I love working with you! I always marvel at how short of a time I spend with you shooting and how much of an impact you make in my life! I feel so privileged to witness a slice of your lives. Keep loving, keep enduring, and keep enjoying your families!




Best of the Year

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