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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Northfield Winter Wedding at Emmaus and Armory Square

Jan 5, 2020

Northfield MN Wedding Bride Groom


There’s nothing quite like a Northfield winter wedding. In the merry hall of the Armory Square Event Center, two newlyweds dance their first dance. Like so many couples before them, the song plays and they faithfully swing to the beat. At this point in most weddings, guests may find their minds wandering as the song continues, waiting for the dance floor to open. Not so on this night, my friends.

The Most Epic Dance

Every eye waits with anticipation to see whether the groom would reveal his true dancing colors, and dance with his full passion as had been witnessed at friends’ weddings. The speakers balk and go mute. A fluke? Eyes search for the DJ just as Lena & Eric begin their choreographed dance with flair. The hall swells with shouts and clapping as everyone strained to witness it  – what exactly would they do? Lifts! Synchronized moves! They had it all. And then they beckoned family and the reception guests lost it. Well done, my friends!

Northfield Winter Wedding Joys

As a very good friend of the bride and groom, I knew it would be a magnificent pleasure to serve them on their wedding day. Eric & Lena’s engagement session was full of fun and zest, so how could the wedding not be? I was not disappointed. As each chapter of the day unfolded I saw two threads continue: intentionality and honor. First, Lena chose to wear an heirloom wedding gown that her mother and grandmother wore before her. The custom alterations were stunning to behold, however what you may not see in these photographs is just how delicately the dress had to be handled! This made for many snap decisions throughout the day, and Lena, you honored your mother through it all.

In like manner, Eric & Lena chose to do a first look, but also to have Lena’s father have the first first look. Equally important, they honored their grandmothers and mothers with white roses and letters, acknowledging before family how deeply they appreciate the tireless efforts of mothering. They gave a limited edition t-shirt to a guest who received an improperly assembled wedding invitation (seriously, how awesome is that!?). At every turn, both in the grand scheme and in the moment, Eric & Lena gave so many family members and close friends a special place in their wedding day.

Letter to the Couple

Eric & Lena,

The way you seek God’s wisdom and peace for your marriage and your relationships with others awes me. I love how vibrantly both of your personalities shone, and how intricately you worked with so many friends to craft your day. I am humbled to now call you husband and wife and I cannot wait to see you again, give you two a bear hug, and keep walking this journey of faith in our awesome Lord. He is the Author and Perfecter!



ps. Way to rock that holly berry red!

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Creative Team

Ceremony: Emmaus Church
Reception: Armory Square Event Center
Florals: Judy’s Floral Design & Sarah Pownell
DJ: Ross Grant
Cake: Kim Kuivenin
Catering: Velvet Touch 
Bridesmaids Dresses: Kennedy Blue
Bride’s Gown: Family Heirloom
Wedding Coordinator: April Schweikert

Photography: Jennifer Sanders Photography

  1. Bryan Teachout says:

    Jennifer, you truly captured the essence of our children’s wedding experience and the depth of their belief in coming together in Holy matrimony before God and mankind.

  2. Mark Bailey says:

    It appears you captured the beauty of a very special day for Eric and Lena!

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