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Welcome friend!  I'm a poetic soul who loves light catching with a camera. I'm a solopreneur who loves telling your story! Grab your favorite bubbly drink (a LaCroix in my case) and have a look around!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

Spring Engagement Session filled with blossoms!

May 18, 2020

Hallelujah! The governor lifted the Stay-At-Home order! I know everyone will agree that it’s been a hard slog through quarantine. Do not hang out with friends. Do not hug others. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. (Anyone else feel like March & April 2020 was a bit like playing Monopoly? I mean, even the “Bank error in your favor…” Ok, I digress.) So when flowering trees in Minnesota started to bud, it FINALLY felt like the world was beginning to breathe again. And everyone noticed. Including me, the kind of person who leaps in the air when I get to shoot a session! Especially an engagement session with one of my wedding couples!

A fellow photographer friend of mine described it this way: “I feel like a dog that’s finally allowed to go on a walk again!” Hot dawg! Let’s grab the camera and shoot away! I was so overjoyed that I had Alex & Joe on my docket for an engagement session. And then… I NOTICED OUR APPLE TREE HAD BLOSSOMED! Yes. I went scouting Northfield for the most luscious tree boughs and had butterflies in my stomach.

You see, Minnesotans usually get royally ripped off when it comes to springtime. Often snowstorms and below-32-degree evenings will plague us through Mother’s Day, and then finally the heat turns up. Sometimes too hot. You know those days you feel like the stars are just ALIGNING for you? Woo-hoo!

Alex and Joe are high school sweethearts, and I tell you–still very much in love. It’s quite the honor when Minneapolis dwellers choose Northfield for their session, so I wanted to showcase some hidden corners of our great town. The first thing you will probably notice about these two is how genuinely they laugh together. Every time we speak, I recall the pleasantness of down-to-earth people. We talked about high school cross country as easily as plans for their fall wedding (in the midst of the pandemic). I think these two should perhaps be the poster couple for the slogan: “Engagement photos are fun!” Case in point: Alex’s willingness to hop up for a piggy back ride (while in a a fancy dress!).

Alex & Joe,

I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you trust me to help capture your photos. You blew me away with your warmth and sweetness, and I truly consider you friends! I’v never been given a gift after a session, and that touched my heart so deeply. My bonsai is happily installed next to my computer, and I’ll think of you two every time I admire it!




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