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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Skinner Chapel June Engagement Session

Jun 12, 2020


Oh friends! Sarah & Ross wove the most beautiful engagement session into being! Perhaps I am biased, because Sarah chose my favorite flower to adorn her beautiful tresses (brownie points if you can name it!)  It is never a good thing to arrive late, but if you must arrive late, let it be because you braided blooms into your hair!

As a fellow photographer, Ross agreed with all of the “go big or go home” suggestions: as a couple, they said yes to golden hour, yes to time in a mosquito-laced field, and yes to poses with flair! I had such a great time capturing these fellow Ole alums (I’m Class of 2013!)  and an even better time getting to know them better. When you meet kindred folk, you just get happy, ya know? To quote L.M Montgomery, author of my all time favorite books, They are “true kindred spirits.”

I write this post counting down exactly 100 days until the wedding! Gah! I can’t wait to see what Sarah does with her hair. (Um, have you ever seen hair like this except in a magazine??) Also, I can’t wait to see how Ross lights up the dance floor. I have a premonition that he’s got an epic plan waiting to unfurl. Perhaps because he knows Eric, another groom who achieved the pinnacle of wedding dance awards. (Click the link for evidence!)

Sarah & Ross,

I truly can’t say enough how thrilled I am that you chose me to capture your wedding, and that you’re letting me into this slice of your lives. Your engagement session was AMAZING! Though wedding planning could be made easier without pandemic circumstances, I’m so glad to know that you have each other’s confidence and strength to lean on. LET’S DO THIS!





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