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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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3 Ten Event Venue Wedding | Gretchen & Cordell

Sep 29, 2021


Gretchen walked through the elegant reception tables of the 3 Ten Event Venue with her hands over her mouth. The ceremony space was prepared for its reveal. Approaching her altar installation, I heard Gretchen’s voice through tears: “It’s beautiful.” Beholding the intention and design, she walked nearer and then circled back to her mother for a hug.

I saw this same overwhelm of happy tears on Gretchen’s cheeks as walked down the aisle, taking in the moment. And again, as she read her vows to Cordell and listened to his. The simple and the profound seemed to weave together so many times on this day. The simple way she took his hand with a laugh and promised to laugh at his jokes. The deep intensity of lifelong promises to help each other through the misadventures of life. The smiles and laughs everyone shared as Cordell stated how he’d never forget the 5am call from Gretchen saying her car was stolen (and well…it was towed. I laughed too.) Witnessing this ceremony, I knew before hearing the toasts later that evening: that Gretchen and Cordell make people feel at ease because of who they are and how loyal they are as friends.

3 Ten Event Venue in Boho Modern

What truly struck me was the authentic surprise and joy in Gretchen’s voice as she walked through the milestones of her day– how being truly present opens our hearts to receive the gifts of who others are to us. I believe this beautiful way of receiving allowed everyone to experience in real time the type of tranquility that Gretchen and Cordell share. It also made everyone feel comfortable to be themselves – and to rock it on the dance floor! (I have to interject that by far the majority of everyone was up dancing!!)

From beginning to end, Gretchen and Cordell’s 3 Ten Event Venue wedding was filled with autumnal color, elegance, and laughter. This day brought together so many family and friends from across the country – from Washington, to Colorado, to Wisconsin! Gretchen and Cordell are the kind of people you want to do life with, have dinner with, and go on a long mountain hike with.

Gretchen & Cordell,

The urban elegance of the 3 Ten Event Venue couldn’t have found a better match than your wedding vision! Your personalities are as vibrant as your florals: down to earth, warm, and striking (I mean, PGA golf majors stand out, you know?). I’m sad I won’t get to see you often out and about in my state, but I’m so thankful the west coast gets to have you. Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your day, for the way that you value your friends and family, and for having your wedding in Minnesota!!



3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Venue_Groom 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Groom 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Groom 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Groom3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Minnesota_First_Look 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Faribault_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Faribault_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding  3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Faribault_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Center_Wedding_Faribault_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Minnesota Faribault_Boho_Wedding_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Reception_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Reception_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Wedding_Ceremony_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Minnesota Faribault_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_MinnesotaFaribault_Wedding_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Venue_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Venue_Wedding 3_Ten_Event_Dance_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Dance_Minnesota 3_Ten_Event_Dance_Minnesota3_Ten_Event_Dance_Minnesota

3 Ten Event Venue Wedding Creative Team

Florist: Huckleberry Floral Design

Bridal Boutique: Flutter Bridal Co.

Bridesmaids Dress: Baltic Born

Venue: 3 Ten Event Center

Catering: Marna’s Catering

DJ: Midwest Sound

Cake: Linda’s Bakery

Groomsmen Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Invitations: Minted

3 Ten Event Venue Wedding in Faribault, Minnesota

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