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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

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The Hutton House Wedding | Kara & Ross

Jul 2, 2022

The Hutton House Wedding


My dream of photographing a Hutton House wedding finally came true. Kara & Ross are a bundle of quick wit, sass, and fun. I will never forget laughing during speeches as the best man and maid of honor told epic stories about this couple. All that is uniquely Kara and quintessentially Ross was so beautifully shared on their day. I love their personalities!

Amazing Personalities

I’ll begin with the storyline of Ross’ proposal to Kara. The first time I met these two, Kara rolled her eyes at how perfectly this encapsulates Ross: “he’s a sappy romantic, lol!” Folks, it is true. He proposed in EUROPE! In the midst of an Italian tour, he had the whole group in on it with Kara kind of begging him to not. But also, I think, secretly enjoying it 🙂 I love how Ross takes pride as he retells this story!

Consequently, as the wedding planning began, (and eventually a photography consultation with me came around), it was very clearly communicated that Ross loved photos and Kara wanted them to be efficient (and maybe skip a bunch of the usual shots?). I can testify from their wedding day that Kara is living proof that brides do not have to love taking photos in order to achieve beautiful photos. (I literally recall Kara asking in and edgy tone: “After this we are done with photos, right?” Haha.) How could I not use all our portrait time when these two look so stunning!? I’m always thankful when my couples are honest with me.

The Hutton House Wedding

In light of these dynamics, I wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful planning by White Suede Event Co. The smoothness of the wedding day really took the tasks and worries out of Kara & Ross’ hands and let them focus on having fun. I remember asking Kara a detail question about her day to which she replied: “I have no idea, Karah chose that!” Having a planner you trust so absolutely is key. Especially with the overwhelm of the many decisions to make for wedding day.

As always, the Hutton House is such a beautiful canvas for wedding events. The simple elegance of the staircase draped in florals as well as the fireplace are such iconic spots that truly offer perfect light for photography! I marveled how each space was perfectly fitted for beautiful moments.

Kara & Ross,

Thank you so much for choosing me to be alongside you all day. I’ll never forget your epic entrance to It’s Tricky by Run DMC – it so perfectly captures how you two are the life of the party. You are also so kind and so caring for everyone around you. As your maid of honor put it, Kara, once you form a bond with someone, you would do anything for them (ps, your hand dancing demo was amazing!) Ross, the strength and open heartedness you share with Kara is beautiful to watch. In between the laughter at your Best Man’s jokes, I witnessed your groomsmen table enjoying such brotherhood. Kara, your intensity is perfectly fitted to Ross’s joyfulness. I wish you all the best in your marriage!



The Hutton House Wedding Creative Team

Venue: The Hutton House

Planning & Coordination: White Suede Event Co.

Boutique: White Dress Bridal Boutique

Photographer: Jennifer Sanders Photography

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Florist: Brenda Everhart

Groomsmen Attire: Generation Tux

Bridesmaids Dresses: Revelry

Catering: Marna’s Catering

Cake: Nadia’s Cakes

Invitations: Zazzle

Photo Camper: Northerly Photo Camper

Tap Wall: Tap Haus Company

Videographer: Stories by Madi

DJ: Dynamics DJ

The Hutton House Wedding in Medicine Lake, Minnesota

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