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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Northfield Minnesota Engagement

Oct 29, 2019



As a resident of Northfield, Minnesota, I know how flighty the trees can be with their fall color–all it takes is one fell swoop of utter chill to leave the branches bare. So when Lena & Eric pushed back their engagement session in hopes of catching peak golden and red hues, I knew the risk of the gamble. I had to trust that their choice would be rewarded. And it was.

Northfield Minnesota Engagement Bliss

Fast forward to the day of their session – a modestly cool and sunny day. This time it was Lena & Eric’s turn to trust me! I love when my clients verbalize their trust in me as a photographer, especially as I see the doubt in their eyes! (Full disclosure: I’m very good friends with these two! I knew I could push them a bit to chase the good light.) I arrived at our original location in horror: no apples on the trees any longer, and much dark green or barrenness of trees off in the distance. This was not the desired backdrop! Cue the required trust in the photographer as I explain to them how we should skip their chosen destination! (I’m so glad that Eric goes way back with my husband…all the way back to college roomies!)

The second trust fall involved following my car as I followed inspiration onto a gravel road. It was the best decision! (And at the time, it wasn’t that impressive, and it looked, well…homely.) I get it – when you can’t see the back of the camera, you judge the location based on a totally different set of criteria. But as I shot these two under this gorgeous golden tree, I knew that none of us would be disappointed. I had that gut feeling knowing that these would be keepsake photographs for this new family. The rest of our session held much less surprise and trust falling, and a lot more laughter and fun. Oh, and Lena killing it with model poses (I suppose the French influence in her life?)

I Love These Two

I think I could spent weeks and weeks with you two and never get bored of the jokes. Specifically I enjoy how beautifully Eric’s philosophical brain and Lena’s poetic English brain interact. The cherry on top is how two highly educated folk such as these two can spar intellectually and laugh the simple things of life over the same dinner meal.

Lena & Eric,

Your humor and trust form the two qualities I most admire about you and your relationship with each other. Eric, your choice memories for making Lena laugh made me laugh. Thanks for following the crazy artist and for leaping with me! You are such a treasure. Way to flourish in love! I am beyond excited to photograph your wedding in December. The Lord so delights in your lavish love for each other!



Locations: St. Olaf College Natural Lands & Northfield, Minnesota


  1. Great job Jennifer, and Congratulations to Lena and Eric! So happy for you.

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