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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

Hi, I'm jennifer.

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Lush Northfield Fall Wedding at Armory Square

Nov 4, 2019



Behold: a Northfield fall wedding with the most exquisite color palette. Have you ever walked in a room expecting something amazing, and then your expectation gets trumped with something even more astounding? This is how I felt in the Archer House River Inn Suite when Laurel revealed item after item of hand-picked, handmade details that had me leaping for joy on the inside!

Intricate Details

First, let’s talk about Laurel’s wedding bouquet. Not only did she design & craft the wedding florals (yes, all of them from boutonniere to reception arrangements!but they looked straight out of a magazine! Vibrant and rife with colors, they were the perfect contrast to her stunning vintage gown. But the intentionality of this wedding did not stop there. In the same manner, the bridesmaids were themselves an autumnal arrangement in manifold textures and styles curated by the bride. The groom’s bolo tie was handmade by jewelers in Minneapolis, the catering was by a newly launched business the groom owns, and the deserts were made not by just any vendor, but dear friends. I have never seen the Armory Event Center more intricately arranged! The reception room was a bower of colorful floral accents, sawn wood as placards, and vintage glass!

Northfield Fall Wedding Moments

What is even more exciting to write about than exquisite wedding details and a visual dream coming true is the depth of Laurel & Taylor’s union. For both, the wedding day held so much joy and intentionality in the planning. These two were so determined to focus on what mattered (each other!) that they even built in alone time after the ceremony to have their own time together (yes, without me, the photographer!). It was clear so many times during the wedding day that Laurel & Taylor’s hearts were focused like poised arrows towards each other. They spoke continually of how in awe they were, of how wonderfully the wedding party looked, of how they felt for each other. The sincerity of these two amazed me. Especially during the exchange of vows. Because it was clear that each truly desires to uphold the other.

Laurel & Taylor,

Congratulations and a million thank you for letting me, a relative stranger in your close-knit wedding, into your circle for a day. You are so special, and so genuine. Thank you for trusting me with capturing the manifold details of your dream day.




Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography-Archer-House Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography-Archer-House Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography-Archer-House Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography Northfield-Fall-Wedding-Jennifer-Sanders-Photography

Venue: Armory Square Event Center

Florals: Designed & Arranged by Bride

Bridal Dress: Baby Doll Shop

Groom’s Tie: Handmade by Halfmoon Silver

Catering: Lakeville Brewing Company

Deserts: Shirley’s Catering

Photographer: Jennifer Sanders Photography

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