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I'm a Minnesota mom, dreamer, & photographer with a joyful and timeless style. You might notice I'm quite passionate about my work. I love it!

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Carleton College Monument Hill Wedding

Jul 15, 2022


It is rare in this time to find a person who is capable of being truly themself independent of the acceptance of others. Ever since I first met Amanda, I knew she possessed this quality. Her unique fashion style, her confidence in her wedding vision, and the relaxing way that she pursued and organized her day with Teagan in true partnership gave this wedding a beautiful flavor. Amanda’s soul did not crush by the weight of grandeur or seeking out intricacies in refinement – no – she kept herself truly free and alive to the impact of each moment. Folks, these two even let the entire wedding party and family see their first look! Watching this pair engage so genuinely made me smile (especially on the dance floor!)

Carleton College Wedding

This Carleton College wedding is truly so special for several reasons. First, it is the celebration of Amanda & Teagan, with all the effervescent joy and fun that is these two. Second, this wedding was held at Monument Hill, a spot secluded in towering pines on the campus of Carleton College. This site is actually mentioned historically as one of the first weddings after Northfield became a town, and is the second in a line of many to come as Carleton rolls out a the space in a new offering for summer weddings. So way to be trendsetters, Amanda & Teagan!

Towering Pines of Monument Hill

Imagine a hill crowned with pines stolen from the likes of West coast shores – in such a place these two said “I do!” For years past, a Carleton College wedding involved other spaces on campus such as Skinner Chapel, however, until this summer Monument Hill was not a venue offering (Full disclosure: though I am very familiar with the natural spaces of Carleton College, this new venue was so fresh I did not actually know the precise location of Monument Hill until I got there!) What I loved about this space is that during the ceremony you could not hear any din of distracting noises. No face of cars streaming down the highway. No engines. Simply the forest, and the stunning display of how small our celebration felt in the presence of such tall trees.

Amanda & Teagan,

You chose the perfect place to get married! You suited your wedding vibe perfectly to reflect an authentic beauty of who you two are together – content, celebratory, and intentional. Thank you so much for letting me be the one with a camera alongside you each moment of the day. Blessings upon your marriage!



Creative Team for this Carleton College Wedding

Venue: Monument Hill & The Weitz Center at Carleton College

Florals: Forget-Me-Not

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Groomsmen Attire: Suit Shop

Entertainment: Midwest Sound

Catering: Bon Appetit

Photography: Jennifer Sanders Photography

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